Successful rescue operation for an injured swan

Successful rescue operation for an injured swan

A pair of swans has been at home in prichsenstadt for several years now; they regularly raise offspring there. Just like this year, when the adults usually camp with their six young at one of the two lakes. Six little swans were sitting peacefully on tuesday in the area next to the school road on the shore strip. An old animal looked down on the slumbering offspring, the second was currently swimming happily in the lake when it happened.

Swan sab under departing car

The little swans were strutting along the road in the direction of the lake. At that moment a car drove off from the embankment and struck to turn. The driver probably did not notice that at that moment one of the small swans was still sitting under his vehicle. He drove off slowly and caught the young bird probably at the fub. This was seen by some passers-by who had stopped to look at the proud swan and its offspring from close up.

Immediately afterwards, the little swan tried to walk across the road, which was very difficult for it because of the injured fube. Father swan stood by and looked nervous; the little one just made it to the shore. It doesn’t look good, thought nicole schmitt and her partner, and they thought about how they could help the injured animal.

Expert was quickly on the scene

The couple from the prichsenstadt district of stadelschwarzach reached the local fire department via the emergency number. Its commander werner schattler actually had an expert on hand: he called peter ring. The man from prichsenstadt is involved in animal protection and has the group "wild bird/small animal help kitzinger land" on the internet.

A little later ring arrived and discussed with the passers-by what could be done: catch the injured young animal, put it in a basket and drive it to the vet, was the solution. But simply said, when ring tried to approach the little swan, the old animal began to hiss and made himself rough. Ring actually managed to distract the rough bird with a rope and pick up the injured youngster. "Luckily I had the red rope in the car; I knew that birds are often afraid of bright colors", ring says later.

Ring, who by the way works in the malteser rescue service, then phoned a nearby veterinarian to let him know about it. Nadine schmitt and her husband drove with the injured little one to gerolzhofen, where the animal was examined. The leg was not broken, but badly bruised, according to the diagnosis.

Swan remains in care for the time being

Nadine schmitt took the little swan home again, as previously discussed. "He was quite lively and ate a whole head of lettuce", she reported. The next morning she delivered him to peter ring. The man drove the injured swan cub in a box with a pillow finally to schweinfurt, to a specialist center, where the animal is to be healed.

"The fub could heal again; the veterinarian also said so. So long it will remain in care", says ring. If it is possible, they will try to bring the bird back to its family in prichsenstadt. Ring eats safe: without the help of attentive passers-by, the little guy would probably not have had a chance to survive.

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