The habfurt group honors oskar geus as “referee of the year

The habfurt group honors oskar geus as 'referee of the year

The habfurt referee group has the “golden whistle” awarded to oskar geus from TSV kirchaich. This makes the well-known “fubballschiri” the referee of the year.

Those who know referee oskar geus – and that includes many fubball players and fans – know that he is a man on the pitch who keeps the ball low. He doesn’t need a spectacle; he wants the matches to be played in an orderly manner and with a lot of joy for the footballers and the spectators. And sometimes he even turns a blind eye when a player misses the mark. Everyone makes mistakes, a player as well as the referee.

Every year at the general meeting, in addition to the honors for many years of referee service, the presentation of the “golden whistle” also takes place instead of. This year

This award slightly different, as the referee group announced. Because of the corona pandemic, oskar geus was surprised at home in time for the lockdown and was named “referee of the year the habberge referee group honored.

Geus is a former district league referee who will celebrate his 80th birthday in february. Birthday and is still ready for action. In addition, geus is available for all events of the referee group with advice and assistance. He is also known far beyond the borders of the district, especially because of his humorous manner. As a result, he is certainly also considered one of the most popular referees. For many a club representative, player and referee colleague, the award winner is a one-off – on and off the sports field

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