Before climate conference: thousands demonstrate in bonn

Before climate conference: thousands demonstrate in bonn

Two days before the start of the world climate conference, several thousand people demonstrated in bonn in favor of phasing out coal and a comprehensive energy transition. They waved transparencies with inscriptions like "climate killer=human killer=RWE" or "trump: climate genocide".

"You from the coal lobby, dress warmly – we won’t let go any more!" Shouted a speaker in the city center of bonne. More than 100 environmental and civil rights organizations called for the rally. The organizers spoke of 25.000 participants. About 1000 bicyclists streamed to the rally from koln. According to police, the actions took place without incident.

One of the eye-catchers of the demonstration was a rough earth globe by greenpeace, on which coal-fired power plants were casting a dark gray cloud with the face of chancellor angela merkel (CDU) on it. Underneath was the demand: "get out of coal, frau merkel!"

A replica of the american statue of liberty with a smoking flare and the demand for "freedom to pollute" also attracted a lot of attention.

At the world climate conference in bonn, which begins on monday, the aim is to implement the decisions of the paris climate agreement of 2015 in concrete terms. In addition, many countries are hoping for a clear signal against U.S. President donald trump’s decision to pull out of the agreement.

To this end, up to 17. November more than 23.000 people from around 195 countries are expected to gather for the conference. It is the largest ever intergovernmental conference on german soil.

In view of the current exploratory talks in berlin, grunen faction leader anton hofreiter appealed to the union and FDP via "rheinischer post" (saturday) to help reach an agreement: "international climate protection needs a clear signal from the exploratory talks in the coming days."

Greenpeace climate expert karsten smid said climate protection would be the future federal government’s "first test of endurance. "The whole world looks at bonn and sees that the host of the climate conference, of all places, is about to miss its own target by miles," smid criticized. "Neither germany nor climate protection can afford this disgrace."

Criticism of chancellor merkel also came from oxfam expert jan kowalzig. "At the bonn world climate conference, of all times, the federal government must meekly admit its climate policy failure," he said. The goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2020 will be "missed by a wide margin".

Shortly before the climate conference begins, a gloomy U.S. Climate report is also causing a stir. In the document published by 13 U.S. Agencies, the authors conclude that global warming is largely man-made.

They also warn of a possible rise in sea levels of up to a good 2.40 meters by the year 2100. Despite the clear contrast with U.S. President donald trump’s positions, the white house did not try to block the disclosure, which is required by law every four years. However, the weibe house tried to downplay the report’s significance. "The climate has changed and is always changing," a spokesman’s written statement read.

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