The corpsphilisters always enjoy meeting in bad staffelstein

the corpsphilisters always enjoy meeting in bad staffelstein

Last year, the corpsphilisters celebrated their 125th anniversary – and this year, too, they were welcome in town: "bad staffelstein dug its corpsphilisters posters were put up at all the local entrances. Every year, active and former members of numerous fraternities and sororities meet on the first saturday in september in bad staffelstein to sing together, exchange ideas and cultivate friendships that span generations.
The 126. Weekend corpsphilister meeting was well received. Participants came from all over germany and german-speaking countries.
The annual meetings of the corpsphilisters have followed the same ritual since the beginning: on early saturday afternoon, the program includes a climb to the staffelberg and a walk around the plateau, as well as a stop at the klause. Other than in the evening at the festkommers, ladies are still allowed to attend. Later in the evening, the manners are then among themselves.
At the festive reception in the great hall of the "gruner baum" inn it’s cozy. The frankenlied (french song) was sung from around 50 pew pits at the beginning, a piano player set the right tone. The songs sung this evening can be found in a small booklet. The happy chanting is only interrupted when there is a grub word, a lecture or a "cheers" to be pronounced.
Are fraternities still up to date today?? Christian schaible, member of the bamberg fraternity, is right. It is about values and setting an example. Moreover, the bond between the chorphilisters lasts a lifetime. When someone is buried at the end of their life, a member of the association is always present, says schaible. Moreover, there are no clubs or associations in which so many professional groups are represented. The bamberger and coburg student associations alternately shared the chairmanship of the events.
The bad staffelstein venue has many of the characteristics of corpsstudentdom, says schaible in his speech. The staffelberg stands for respect, overview, distant view, the therme for strength and the breweries for enjoyment.
The oldest participant this evening is 88 years old, the farthest traveled came from switzerland and one of the participants has not missed a staffelstein meeting for 45 years. City councilor walter mackert (CSU) presented each of them with a small gift.

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