Lisa swientek celebrated 90. Birthday

Lisa swientek celebrated 90. Birthday

Only a few days after her husband rudi, lisa swientek celebrated her 90th birthday on wednesday in konigsberg. Birthday.

She is not a native of konigsberg, but she is well known, especially to the older inhabitants of the city. For many years she ran the inn "zum goldenen lowen" as a landlady with a lot of passion and recognition in the konigsberger pfarrgasse.

Lisa windheim, as she was known at the time, was born on september 30, 1930. September 1930 in bremen. A total of five children, four girls and one boy, brought up their parents roughly. Today's jubilarian initially went to school in bremen, then later to nordhausen in the harz mountains, where her family was evacuated after being bombed out three times in bremen. Even today, lisa swientek remembers with horror the air raids and the wailing sirens in her hometown of bremen, which always upset her stomach.

Lisa was 15 years old when the second world war ended. She did not want to stay in nordhausen because the area there was incorporated into the soviet occupation zone. So she returned to her hometown of bremen. There she looked for work and became a housekeeper for a doctor's family. Two years later, she took a job as a maid at the duisburger hof for four years in duisburg. But the longing for bremen drew her back there again. The city was almost completely destroyed due to the war. She found no work there and therefore moved back to duisburg.


There she met her future husband rudi swientek while dancing. "It was not love at first sight, but gradually the bond became stronger and stronger." In 1963 they got married in duisburg and lisa windheim became lisa swientek.

Only three days after the marriage, the couple moved to konigsberg, where lisa swientek's parents ran the "black bar" inn went to. The jubilarian took over the "zum goldenen lowen" inn in the parish alley.

She was a hostess there for many years, interrupted only by a knee operation. "I liked being a hostess, is her comment on the profession that filled many years of her life. And she was helped in this by her great love of cooking. She was particularly fond of cooking for weddings, confirmations and big celebrations. She had to stop when her legs no longer wanted to go the way she wanted them to. But she still looks after her household and her wheelchair-bound husband rudi, to whom she has been married for 57 years, herself. Lisa swientek may have become a konigsberg native over the years, but she still thinks of her hometown of bremen often. One of her thoughts when she came to konigsberg for the first time was: "i won't grow old in konigsberg"!" It came differently. It is now 57 years that it has found its new home here.

To the 90. The jubilarian, who is mentally fit and only has difficulty walking, was congratulated on her 50th birthday by relatives, friends and acquaintances as well as two children, two grandchildren and mayor claus bittenbrunn.

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