Crossing is free again

The paul-gossen/gunther-scharowsky-strabe intersection, which connects two important main roads in the city, has been completely reopened for traffic since friday. According to the planning and construction department of the city administration, the intersection was no longer sufficient for the traffic developments resulting not least from the construction of the siemens campus.

During the eight-month construction period, an additional right-turn lane from paul-gossen-strabe (PGS; west) to gunther-scharowsky-strabe (GSS) was built, the left-turn lane from PGS (east) to GSS was extended, and U-turns were created in PGS. Further east a triangular island has been built for right turners from GSS into PGS.

Barrier-free stop

The complete expansion also included the elimination of structural deficiencies and existing safety deficiencies. The "research center" bus stop (sud) is now barrier-free. All pedestrian crossings have been equipped with "tactile guidance elements" equipped for visually impaired people and receive curb drops for people with limited mobility. All traffic lights are now equipped with additional devices for the visually impaired and innovative LED signal heads (so-called "one-watt technology"). The street lighting was equipped with highly efficient LED luminaires.

Work without blockages

A special challenge for the city planners and the construction company arose from the fact that the work had to be carried out while traffic was fully maintained and taking into account the construction site logistics of the adjacent siemens buildings and the municipal utility construction site. "Due to detailed planning and intensive coordination with all parties involved, it was possible to complete the acceptance almost two weeks ahead of schedule", josef weber, head of the planning and construction department, was pleased and at the same time thanked those responsible for the project for their good work.

In the next few days, some remaining work will be done with minor traffic restrictions to finish the mabnahme. The remaining tree planting is expected to take place in the spring. The complete expansion area was around 10,000 square meters. The total costs amount to around 2.4 million euros – just under one million euros is expected in grants from the state of bavaria.

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