The kissinger wolfe beat the old master

Kissinger wolfe – EV fussen 7:2 (5:0, 0:2, 2:0). What a weekend for the ice hockey of bad kissingen. First the performance in the olympia-eissport-zentrum with the 2:4 defeat against SC riessersee, then the home game against EV fussen. Two traditional clubs and former german champions. But michael rosin did not get sentimental about it by far. "No matter which team is on the other side, there is no respect. As soon as the disc is thrown in, it goes full throttle. Who does not understand this, has no place on the ice", said the wolfe chairman.

Friday’s 5-2 win over the so far strong ehc klostersee was the fourth win in a row for the allgau team, which had also won the two previous games against the lower franconians this season. And on sunday they probably thought they were in the wrong movie because of the five goals against in the first period in front of a great crowd of almost 500 spectators.

In any case, the fans went into the first intermission excited by the unexpected flood of goals scored by christian masel (4).) had started and also stopped shortly before the siren (20.). Spectacular to watch was the second wolfe goal by the solo run of defender domantas cypas (5.), before jakub revaj (15.) and anton zimmer (18.) followed up.

"In the first third we were the damlichere, then the better and in the end the unlucklichere team", analyzed EV coach andreas becherer in the press conference. And I didn’t want to exaggerate the following goalie change, because I can think of 15 other things that didn’t work for us. Our goalkeeper is certainly not to blame."

In the middle period, however, benedikt hotzinger replaced maximilian meier between the posts, who had strong actions in the duels with christian masel, anton zimmer and mikhail nemirovsky in the next 20 minutes. Instead, there were two cheers in the fan block of the guests, who were represented by maximilian dropmann (28).) and marc besl (33.) could keep their small chance of a success experience. An intermediate score that the team from lower franconia could live with in view of the two goals scored by the opponents. "In the last third we got back on track, brought the disc towards the goal and finally played cleverly", michael rosin saw the necessary improvement in the performance of his team, which, compared to friday’s game, was at least able to rely on striker igor filobok once again.

The decision was made by captain eugen nold after a wonderful combination of christian masel and igor filobok, which the wolfe-fans sang "oh-how-is-that" celebrated before anton seewald scored an empty-net goal for the final score.

"If you play well for two thirds, you deserve at least a point, but not after such a start. It’s super annoying for us, but for the first 20 minutes we were probably still on the bus", andreas becherer, who nevertheless took the unexpectedly high loss in a very sporting manner, summed it up: "because we’re all human beings who make mistakes."

After the first third of the promotion round, the saalestadt team, which has been so battered in terms of personnel, is almost sensationally in third place and will go into friday’s home game against EHC konigsbrunn with fresh self-confidence before the trip to miesbach on sunday.

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