Counterfeit notes, prison sentence collected

Creatively, but very unprofessionally, a 29-year-old man from the district of lichtenfels falsified four 500-euro bills last year. A prison sentence of two years and nine months was handed down to the ex-convict on wednesday by the kronach criminal court presided over by judge claudia weilmunster.

The bleeders were then only by chance not in the payment traffic. The sentence was so severe for the defendant because he had already served several years in prison for other crimes and was on two counts of probation at the time of the crime.

Wrongs for the originals

In the spring of 2019, the 29-year-old was released after undergoing therapy in a rehabilitation clinic. When he had moved into the apartment of his lifelong companion, he had observed that she had deposited several 500 euro bills in a cash box. He secretly obtained the key, scanned one of the bills into an inkjet printer and copied it eight times. In turn, he stole eight original bills and replaced them with the counterfeits. The woman of the same age noticed it only when she later took the money out of the cash box. She filed a complaint for theft against an unknown person. In the course of the investigation it turned out that her partner, the accused, was the perpetrator of the crime.

The defendant presented an almost pitiful story about his so far messed up life with constant crashes in the courtroom. He met his girlfriend three months before he had committed an old crime and moved in with her after undergoing therapy, he explained. After being released from hospital, he was told that he would have to serve a custodial sentence after all.

At that time, he had already booked a vacation with his girlfriend, but was financially unable to pay his share of it. A correctional institution had not paid him his salary for his activities during his imprisonment, and he cited hartz IV as the reason for this. He excused his mistakes: "I didn’t know where to get the money." Then he discovered the money box of the life-threatening woman. However, the acts occurred while intoxicated with alcohol. At that time he had started to drink massively again. "I have lost all my inhibitions." He deposited the original money in his account, but also used it for expenses in the common budget.

Various dependencies

The defendant listed an impressively large number of addictions, not only to alcohol, but also to intoxicants and painkillers, coupled with mental and physical illnesses. He asked: "I can’t get out of these problems without new therapy."

The ex-life-threatener did not report on the extreme conditions of the 29-year-old. She drank alcohol from time to time, but not noticeably. He also never talked to her about money problems. "He always said he didn’t need one."

"It was the "damaged" woman who brought the charges against him, confirmed a criminal investigator. As a clerk for counterfeit money he recognized the bleeders immediately. The ink was smudged on one of the bills. In the dark, a layman might not have noticed the mistake.

Expert opinion: fully culpable

An expert was unable to determine any diminished culpability on the part of the defendant for the crime, and therefore no further therapy was necessary. The 29-year-old suffers from a certain personality disorder, but this has nothing to do with the current crime.

Prosecutor michael koch wanted a prison sentence of three years and three months, defense lawyer albrecht von imhoff wanted a lighter sentence.

Judge claudia weilmunster took a positive view of the defendant’s confession and the fact that the counterfeit money had been produced in a very amateurish manner, but a negative view of the long criminal record. The defendant apologized to his ex-life companion in the courtroom under tears. "I’m sorry, I’ll try to make up for everything."

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