Maria hutter celebrates her birthday in her second home country

Maria hutter celebrates her birthday in her second home country

On her 90.On the occasion of her birthday, maria hutter served the guests delicacies from her former home town of siebenburgen, including the famous dobostorte, a kind of layer cake. The jubilarian was especially pleased that her son hermann came from romania with his wife anka and granddaughter andreea. On the weekend, the remaining four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren will also arrive to celebrate the birthday with grandma and great-grandma.

Maria hutter came to germany with her husband, who died in september 2013, during the romanian revolution in 1989 and lived in recklinghausen, where her parents and siblings already lived. As her son georg recounted, the resettlement was preceded by a nearly decade-long battle with the romanian authorities. Later, family members were able to join them in germany, and their son georg settled in herzogenaurach with his wife doris and their three children, while their son hermann remained in his old home country with his family. In romania, the jubilarian took care of her family and also worked for years in a kindergarten.

The longing for their firstborn and their grandchildren gave maria and georg hutter no peace, and so they also moved to herzogenaurach in 1993 and lived in the muhlgasse for a few years. "My mother feels very much at home in herzogenaurach, but at first she missed the neighborhood and the cohesion of her "home", said your son georg. But the revolution has taken care of that all by itself, because friends and acquaintances have also left romania. Former neighbors and friends now meet at the meetings of the siebenburg saxons.

Only the eavesdropping is slowing down

A good-humored maria hutter now lives in an apartment on wurzburger strabe that is suitable for senior citizens. "I like it here, but I don’t like it so much anymore. I look forward to the visit of my grandchildren", she said, full of anticipation, and encouraged the visitors to eat the delicacies she had served. The pastor andrea schafer and second mayor renate schroff (SPD) did not miss the opportunity to congratulate on behalf of the city.

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