Farewell to karin maschik

Karin maschik ran the office at the lichtenfels protestant parish for 41 years and was the first point of contact for visitors during that time. She always had a good word to say to those who needed help, and her obliging manner kept the pastors of the church community on their toes.

In this way, many things between officials and people could already be settled in advance and thus contributed to a noticeable reduction in the workload of the busy pastors. These were the words used by pastor anne salzbrenner to describe the beneficial work of her long-time colleague. She was bidden farewell by the congregation at the martin luther church during the sunday service.

"You gave your all to our church community and often went above and beyond the call of duty to be the calming influence in the hectic day-to-day life of our parish office. As my closest confidant, i could always count on you 100 percent."

The executive pastor introduced simone gack to the congregation as her successor in the office of pastoral secretary and wished her all the best in her ministry. The employee already knows her area of responsibility very well from previous representation activities. 

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