Narcotics in gray sock

Narcotics in gray sock

The officers of the narcotics commission of the police can be said to have had a good deal of basic knowledge. When she was arrested on 13. September 2018 searched the apartment of a 24-year-old worker in maintal, they found not only a large number of packaged pouches with marijuana along with fine scales. The investigators also discovered a black can with drug contents, which the young man had unceremoniously thrown onto the roof of the neighbor’s shed, as well as a gray sock in which 7.6 grams of narcotics were hidden. The drugs brought the worker to court.

After a trial lasting almost three hours, the court of habfurt sentenced the unmarried defendant to one year’s imprisonment for possession and trafficking in narcotics, on probation. This is connected with a 1000-euro fine to the.

The investigators got on the trail of the drug dealer when they evaluated the cell phone of another suspect from the drug milieu in mid-2018. After obtaining a court-ordered search, they struck. In the apartment of the worker was found, in addition to the already described objects, cash in the amount of 1450 euros.

Afterwards, a police officer from the schweinfurt narcotics squad took over further investigations. As he reported on the witness stand, he sent the "weed" to the state criminal investigation office in munich. There the experts calculated how much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was contained in it. The THC content of 7.63 grams was just above the legal limit of 7.5 grams for a small quantity. This is very important, because the possession and trafficking of "not small quantities" is a very serious offense to be punished drastically.

At the court hearing, the accused behaved rather apathetic and loved primarily his lawyer marc brab speak for him. The latter admitted to unauthorized possession, but tried to convince the court that his client did not intend to sell the substance, but to consume it himself. As a rough part of the "grass" the amount of drugs was only of inferior quality, the amount of drugs was approximately for a "month’s ration" sufficient. In addition, the lawyer said, the worker could not be proven to have had a profit motive.

The prosecutor considered the fact that the drug was only intended for personal consumption to be a protective claim. He justified his opinion with the following evidence: on the one hand, the fine scales found and, on the other hand, the stubbornness of the cash that was also found. The 1450 euros were in 20- and 50-euro bills only. According to the prosecutor, this is clearly "a typical drug-related stupefaction. In his plea, he demanded a custodial sentence of one year and nine months and a 2000-euro fine.

From a criminal law point of view, the accused is not a blank slate. He has already had to answer to the juvenile court four times. Twice for being caught behind the wheel of a vehicle without a driver’s license, once each for arousing public displeasure and for resisting law enforcement officers.

The criminal court, presided over by district judge ilona conver, followed the prosecutor’s line of argument and was convinced that the drug owner had been involved "at least occasionally and to a small extent" the substance has been traded. However, the sentence was reduced because the convicted person has a permanent job and is socially integrated. He has to transfer the 1000-euro fine to the habberge animal protection initiative and the seized drug money will be confiscated. As a convicted man, he also has to pay the court costs and pay for his lawyer. The court’s decision only becomes legally binding if none of the parties files an objection within one week.

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