Kunftig entrance fee for bambergs sandkerwa?

Bamberg’s biggest folk festival and its visitors may be in for some unfamiliar changes. Five weeks after the end of the 65. Kirchweih to fuben from st. Sceptical tone dominated the city council on wednesday evening, regarding a further financial demand of the traditional event by the city.

The members of the CSU, SPD and grune factions agree that, in order to finance the security concept and an estimated 100.New ways have to be found for the new loudspeaker system costing 000 euros. Expressively, entry fees or even sponsoring by companies were not ruled out.

No special treatment for the sandkerwa

The head of the CSU parliamentary group, helmut muller, was the most reserved. But he also made it clear that the sandkerwa, despite its importance, could not demand special treatment: "we have many clubs and many large events. We shouldn’t push the envelope", said helmut muller.

SPD faction leader klaus stieringer was more explicit. A demand like the one in 2015 must remain the absolute exception. It is not the city’s task to cover the financial risks of an event organizer through the budget, said stieringer. The city councilor, who is also the director of city marketing, pointed to the example of villach’s kirchtag as a model for bamberg. Its visitors paid seven euros for admission and thus financed the event.

Other speakers in the harmony hall also made the same point. It is not understandable, he said, why 100.It would not be possible to generate a budget of eur 1,000,000 for an event like the sandkirchweih, said FDP city councilor martin pohner, and suggested a possible solution in the form of a security surcharge on drinks or sponsorship by local breweries.

The bamberger grunen don’t want to butter up any extra money for the sandkirchweih either. Faction leader ursula sowa spoke of worries in view of the budget development and of sources that do not gush for a long time.

But there were also defenders of the sandkerwa. Dieter weinsheimer of the free voters wanted to increase the subsidy, which had only made the big event possible in the current year, by around 30 percent.000 euro, do not badmouth. Something similar could also prove necessary for the 2016 event, said weinsheimer, praising the preserved concept with volunteer sponsors. Nor should one forget the importance of the church fair. "This cannot be compared with any other event."

Tscherner: bergkirchweih and annafest are 90 percent financed by cities

Norbert tscherner from the bamberger burger-block called the sandkerwa the "best ambassador for bamberg". The bergkirchweih in erlangen and the annafest in forchheim were also 90 percent financed by the respective cities, the BBB city councillor said, justifying his demand for a coarse attitude towards the folk festival. "The 30.000 euros is just a pittance", said tscherner and could not resist taking a jab at klaus stieringer: "for city marketing, there are 61.000 euro. This, too, is only an association."

The appeal not to lump everything together came from michael bosch . He emphasized above all the non-commercial charm of the kirchweih, which is in danger of being lost through sponsoring.

BUB city councillor daniela reinfelder expressed the hope that a round table would be able to find a way forward. The sandkerwa is one of those festivals "that the town really benefits from".

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